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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Waiting on God

Last Sunday night the sermon was on Waiting on God...
taken mostly from I Sam 11:1-15

1. Waiting & Ripening
Why does God make us wait?
Scripture is filled with examples of people waiting on God...
God has designed waiting for our benefit, not our punishment.
While we are waiting, God is working. God is never late, never too early, He always moves in His time, when the time is ripe. He brings about events for the exact results and the exact right time that He desires. God ripens the time and the circumstances to accomplish His will.
Gal 4:4 - but when the time had fully come...
Ripened fruit is so much better than unriped fruit. God says, wait for Me. Dont get ahead of God, wait on His timing.

2. Waiting & Working
sometimes we think of waiting on God like 'waiting by the phone'. doing nothing but waiting. But Biblical waiting on God is not passively waiting; Saul didn't just sit there, he was working. What are you doing with your life right now? It is alot easier to steer a car that is moving.
Biblical waiting is actively doing whatever the Lord gives us to do and looking to God to ripen the circumstances.
It is a confident, expectant, hoping.

3. Waiting & Receiving v6-10
As Saul's time of waiting progressed, he became more sensitive to the Spirit of God .... he was designated, elected, annointed, and yet he had to wait to be king until it was God's timing. Some of the things this time was used for, were to draw him closer to the Lord and to instill boldness in him. So much of the will of God is in the timing of God and waiting for the right time. He uses it to prepare us for His plan. Is 40- expectant waiting on Him... they will be given strength; there is something profound that can happen during the waiting.

4. Waiting & the Winning v11-15
Saul became more gracious waiting for God to ripen the moment. Saul waited on the Lord and God's promises were fulfilled.

It is very important to remember that while we are waiting on Him, God is working.


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