Kimmer: Third Day Concert - part 1

Monday, October 09, 2006

Third Day Concert - part 1

Third Day was in Springfield last Friday! I wish Crowder would have been with them but that's ok, it was nice to see two new groups, Hyperstatic Union & Leeland. Ok these pics are a little better than the Chris Tomlin Band Tulsa pics, but not much... let's just say you still need to 'embrace the grain' .

Ok let me just show you this first pic to illustrate 2 questions.... wouldn't you think the 7th row should look closer than this? And why am I often surrounded by really tall people with really big heads at concerts? Personally I'd like some promoter to experiment with selling seats by height and giving the shorter people seats in the front so that everyone can see .... anyway you can see the lights are really cool if you look past the sea of tall heads..... hehe :)

Hyperstatic Union opened and it was the first time I'd seen them. I liked their sound and they threw in a little Stevie Wonder boogie at the end which was fun.

Leeland was next, a young group of guys (17-18) ...I was impressed with their spirit of worship and musical ability (this is the only pic that came out or I'd show the rest of the band)

Here you can again see the cool lights, the overall stage, and quite clearly the large heads.... hehe...oohhh wellll, at least this guy looks like he's being sweet to his girlfriend :)


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