Kimmer: Chris Tomlin Band - Tulsa - part 2

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Chris Tomlin Band - Tulsa - part 2

There are a few more pics below.... and here is a lil summary of the evening...
The guys came out and did a few songs from Arriving and then Chris talked about how excited they were to play songs from the new cd and that this was their first stop on the tour :) Chris talked a lot about the theme of See the Morning and that Jesse had suggested the theme from a line in the song Rejoice.
A few of the things he mentioned about See the Morning were that
-In scripture, morning was often used to illustrate God’s faithfulness
-that many, many miracles in both the Old and New Testament occur in the morning
-and that Jesus is referred to as our Bright and Morning Star :)

Songs they sang included Amazing Grace, Forever, Indescribable, Holy is the Lord, How Great is Our God, Your Grace is Enough, How Can I Keep from Singing, Made to Worship, Let God Arise, Everlasting God, Awesome is the Lord, Glorious, and Rejoice. I really loved a lot of the new songs!

They had a keyboard player with them, Andy, I think he was from England. All the guys seemed rested and great and Chris said they were ready to get back out on the road.

The worship was great and there were also some nice spontaneous moments too :) During one song ( I think it was Enough) it was just Daniel and Chris, both playing acoustic. I hadn’t noticed Daniel playing acoustic before, it sounded very good with the two of them. Chris played piano for several songs.

and now... more pics... remember to embrace the concept of 'blur & grain' :)

Chris and Andy


Ok you're really going to have to work with me on this next one.....

Any abstract art lovers out there? Ok well, try to be one for this next photo...

granted it's filled with blur and flare BUT,

I really think it's cool how what you end up with looks like an often used symbol of the Holy Spirit right above Chris....

and Chris leading us in worship....

Chris also talked about how the night was not them singing songs to us, or us singing songs to them, but about us all worshipping God together. He emphasized that point several times really, that the night was for the Lord, not for them. It was a special night and a great time of worship :)

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Kim-Love the photo's.hehe You did good. Thanks for sharing doll.


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