Kimmer: Third Day Concert - part 2

Monday, October 09, 2006

Third Day Concert - part 2

Third Day was great and they played their hearts out :) Songs they sang included God of Wonders, Show Me Your Glory, Creed (I Believe), Your Love Oh Lord, Mountain of God, Cry Out to Jesus, Thief, Nothing at all, Come Together, AgnesDei/Worthy, You are so Good to Me, Sing a Song, I Can Feel It, Just to be with You, and Light at the End of This Tunnel for You.

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At 10/09/2006 7:06 AM, Blogger gail said...

Kimmer, you are so blessed this Autumn to have so many great concert near you. Glad that you enjoyed Third Day and their supports--evan though they weren't Crowder!!! Great pics of Mac Powell. Isn't his voice great???

At 10/09/2006 10:34 PM, Blogger Kimmer said...

Hey Gail,
yes I love Mac's voice and so many of their songs...and he always seems to have a great heart for God too :)


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