Kimmer: Trusting in the Lord part 2 of 3

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Trusting in the Lord part 2 of 3

Beth Moore Conference June 2006
Part 2
What is your "this thing" - what's in your box?

Session Two
Nothing is impossible for Him or escapes His gaze. When we praise Him and remember His attributes it puts our focus off our circumstances and back onto His greatness and the fact that He can do anything.
Ps 115:1-15
Trust God for the person that you are.
The ‘boxes’ you identified where you aren’t trusting God? Take the lid off of that box. You are valuable, (not because of what anyone else thinks), but because God says you are valuable! Trust with your head (faith) but also with your heart – this is what will bring healing to your heart and your feelings.

We want to quit being hurt by ‘this thing’. We can’t make sure things that wound us will change, but we can change our responses…. so that the wound can become a scar which He has healed.

v1 we are not called to blind trust, but to and trust someone Who has been and is faithful to you.
v9-11 when we don’t engage in the active trust in God, we lose the sense of the strength from His active help and shield. Our distrust only serves to reaffirm that we distrust. when we disengage and don’t sense His active help, then it seems to us as if He didn’t help, it only re-affirms the distrust. Distrust gives way to more distrust. v9 – He is my ‘help’ (so much more than a human helper) and my shield. When we trust Him, He will enable our spirit by His being. Can He do/fix/solve ‘this thing’ with out you? Yes!
but if He did, you would miss out on seeing the power of the divine – when He enables us weak people to overcome ‘this thing’ through His strength. He wants you to know that you can trust in His power, you can do it, you can do all things thru Christ who strengthens you. Israel didn’t go into the promised land – was their unbelief in what God could do? No. They didn’t think God could use them in the process to go in and overcome the enemy. In Eph 3 it says that He will do abundantly above all that we ask or think – not just around us – but IN us, in a vessel.

When we distrust God in ‘that thing’, we drop our shield of faith from over that box, over that area. It becomes open game to the enemy. Our shield of faith is what shields us from the enemy’s darts. When I’m trust God with a box in my life, there is a shield of faith over it to protect it from the enemy. When I disengage my trust, I’ve lost the sense of my help and shield. Your house will be transformed by trust. It begins with you. what would happen if you began to give God ‘that thing’ and trusted Him with it?
We all have historical reasons not to trust – every one of us. when someone lies to us or lets us down, if a protector becomes an abuser, or maybe you’ve experienced rejection, or been cheated on, or perhaps a lack of relationship entirely has caused your mistrust. God let them understand, He’s not just a big version of those who have hurt us. He is God, spotless and faithful, always true, trustworthy and loving.

(side note on wounds from a friend)
Ps41:9 – even my close friend hurts me
ps 55:12-14 – my close friend
Pvb 27:6 – wounds from a friend can be trusted – wear this only if the shoe fits ladies. there may be someone who feels betrayed by a friend who wounded you, but they did it in faithfulness. maybe they didn’t say it right but their motive was pure. You may need to forgive someone for wounding you as a friend. )

There is no place we’ve been as deeply hurt as the root of our distrust; distrust is the result of a wound. Under your box of distrust is a wound that needs healing. Don’t just let the enemy keep throwing it at you. Identify it before God and call upon Him to heal you of distrusting Him with ‘this thing’.

Here are several statements about trust, do any of them apply to you? Answer them true or false as your read them….
A. Deep down inside, I don’t trust anybody

B. I tend to trust anybody & everyone ( you are always shocked when let down)

C. There’s only one person on this earth that I trust

D. I don’t trust God in my ‘this thing’ box

E. The only one I trust at all is God

F. I usually trust God in most things

A –Sooner or later everyone will betray you – this is from the enemy. This person moves from being suspicious to cynical. They don’t trust anyone; it is a cold world and they have a cold heart.

B. If this is you; you are probably a bit gullible and get hurt over and over again. Sometimes we believe people that aren’t believable. Philippians does caution us to not love blindly and that we need to have discernment; scripture does point out that there are some people who are not trustworthy.

C. If you put all your trust in one person, you are creating a false savior or a formula for co-dependency. Be careful of someone who takes such extreme good care of you, that we can’t take care of our selves. If there is only one person you trust, the enemy will try and get that person to let you down

D. If we don’t trust God, we are trusting in ourselves. Jer 48:7 – trust in our deeds and riches – what we do and have
Duet 28:52 – walls in which you have trusted fall down. Building a fortress with high walls around your heart. you can either tear it down yourself or it can fall down.

E. If I only trust in God – Ps115 – trust – Hebrew- batah – to attach oneself. What is your biggest attachment in life that you find security in? The Word tells us to find our security in God alone. But in scripture, there are also people who can be trusted. It would be far fetched to say we completely trust God and yet do not trust anyone on the earth. We will be blessed in relationships when we just trust people to be people (no one is perfect) so when you see the imperfection in someone, don’t disconnect – but maintain fellowship. Often the older we get, the less we trust and the fewer relationships we have. 1 in 4 people have no one to discuss problems with and this means fewer people to turn to in time of need. One reason for this trend is working longer hours and a longer daily commute, yet tv and computer use are up. We might have many relationships as thin as a dime yet we are lonesome. We need to forgive some people for messing up and not being God.

F. I trust God in most things.
His Mercies are waiting on me and they are new every morning.
I Cor 13 – Love always trusts
Jn 14:1 – Trust in God. trust also in me. start with 2. well you may not trust this person, do you trust Me that even if you get hurt there I’ll make something good of it? Do not let your heart be troubled (anxious) but instead Trust in God,… in addition in Me Trust. It begins and ends with the word trust. You can trust people to be people (imperfect) and you can trust God to be God (perfect)


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