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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Trusting in the Lord part 1 of 3

Beth Moore Conference June 2006
Part 1
What is your "this thing" - what's in your box?

These are my notes from the Beth Moore conference I attended in Oklahoma City this summer……
Session One
Being in a position of need puts you in a sweet position to be desperate for Him; when you are in need, His Word comes alive to you. Sometimes you have a season of life where you have wonderful things and horrible things all happening to you at the same time – welcome to life! :)

If you’ve been temped to accept that your pain is part of who you are, this is a fresh word for you that the Lord gave Beth specifically for this conference.

Psalm 115:1-15 –
v.1 ‘Not to us, O Lord, not to us but to Your Name be the glory because of Your love and faithfulness’. This is not about me. In Greek – ‘to demonstrate and make your glory visible’
– v 5-6 look at money – it has eyes (but doesn’t see) it has ears (but cannot hear) and mouth (but cannot speak) –and it is America’s biggest idol – we think it will bring us security.
v12 – He remembers us and wants to bless us – in the literal translation “He will bless us” – the repetition of this in the psalm is to make us take notice of the point.
v.11 – here it is – “Trust in the Lord”. We are here to receive a call to Trust Him. We all have things we have more difficulty trusting the Lord for than other things. Some of us have a deep root of distrust. This is the specific message Beth felt the Lord directed her to share at this conference. He wants us to identify any areas of our mistrust andHe wants to heal us in these areas.

Duet 1:28-33 – the sliver of your life where you don’t trust God
v32 KJV – “ Yet in this thing you did not believe in the Lord.” ………What is your ‘this thing’??

Many of us know we’ve seen mighty works of God in our lives and yet we come up against something that challenges us and He says to us…. ‘are you kidding? you don’t trust me with THAT after all we’ve been through together and all I’ve brought you through?’ Even though you’ve seen him do wonders in your life in other areas and you trust Him for the great work of salvation? Whatever it is, just confess it – Lord I don’t trust You with ‘this thing’ – that’s how we get over it. In the NT greek, the word faith is often translated to say ‘trust’ or ‘belief’. They come from the same word.

Faith is something that begins in the head. No matter how I feel and what things look like, I’m choosing to believe what I know to be true – I’m Believing God. When ‘trust’ is translated instead of faith, the contrast is different. Trust is part of faith in the Hebrew terminology. Trust is the most intimate part of your faith walk. In English it sounds different to say ‘I have faith in you’ – than to say ‘I trust you’. Faith comes from the head; Trust comes from the heart. – when the faith of what we believe also becomes what we feel. Do you wish your heart would catch up with your head? What would it be like if we could feel what we knew to be true? If it would go from my head to my heart – then we are talking about trusting God.

Pv3:5 – Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Think it and know to be true – He can be trusted.
Ps 28:7 – The Lord is my shield, my heart trusts in Him
if you really want to dig into this sometime, do a bible study and look up all the places in the Word it mentions the heart and trust.

Trust is a matter of the heart.
Think about it, it is possible to believe someone, but not to really trust them.

According to God’s Word, do you have a distrust problem? How can you tell?

Distrust manifests itself in 2 ways:
1. A Persistently Ailing Heart:

I’m not talking about a grief over a loss (like a loved one). I’m talking about a persistant battle of an ailing heart. When we have an active trust for God our hearts are light and leaping! If we have a heavy heart all the time – it is because you are taking on God’s role in that burden and we are not made to do that. Hurts keep on coming. Scars don’t hurt – wounds do. Scars don’t bleed, wounds do. If we are still hurting over something its not healed yet. There is something we’ve not trusted Him with in that hurt so it doesn’t heal – the same wound gets the scab knocked off over and over again. I don’t think its going to change – it’ll keep happening – what if the person that is hurting you or the thing that is hurting you doesn’t change? WE have to change. I want to change and quit being hurt that badly by ‘this thing’. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could quit reacting to it – the enemy KNOWS it works – that’s why he keeps using ‘this thing’ –he doesn’t even need to come up with something new if we let it keep us down. If you say, well I keep getting hurt because I’m just a sensitive person, God says, ‘no, it is because you are not trusting Me with ‘that thing’. Sometimes our heart will ail and we don’t even really know why.
2. A Spewing Mind –
at the place where my mind ‘spews’ – that is where I’m not trusting Him
Is 26:3 – You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast because he trusts in You. The things my mind is steadfast about, I trust God with ( not that we are always perfectly trusting but that we are settled and for the most part trusting Him). Where my mind isn’t steadfast – that is where I have God distrust on ‘that thing’. It is the root of our distrust. Find the root of your vain imagination to find the root of your distrust. What pre-occupies you and causes you anxiety? For example: I’m getting older everyday….. what if my husband doesn’t think I’m attractive anymore and thinks I’m looking old? What if he starts liking someone else? Don’t let yourself believe for a second the lie that to be desirable is what it takes to be valuable- that is a lie. We are valueable because He made us in His image and calls us His own. We can’t make people love us or be good enough or cute enough- instead ask the Lord to just help you be who He made you to be. All of us get wounded and need healing. The place where I need the deepest healing is my ‘this thing’, the home of my God distrust.

Many of us have authentically trusted God with different challenges in life. We may all be different in what our ‘this thing’ is – some struggle in the area of finances, family, looks, love life, career, etc. Think of the different areas or compartments of your life as boxes. If you were to list out 7 or so boxes that would generally compartmentalize the areas of your life, what would they be? What boxes are you not trusting God with? You tend to keep the lid on them…. lets open up this box and if we are willing, get a healing from God for it. The enemy uses this box to do a number on you—instead, let’s get some healing. The enemy will keep using the same exact boxes and darts as long as they keep working on you. (Why should he bother to change what is working so well?)

It is not enough to trust God that what we fear the most won’t happen – for two reasons:
a. Because the enemy knows this is where your fear is, this is where he’ll continue to torment you in your thoughts.
b. Because that means our trust in God is conditional, which makes us very vulnerable in that area

Trust says ‘God I just trust You that if what I fear the most does happen – You are still going to be with me, taking care of me’

He’s writing a great story with your life – but remember, great stories have nail-biting chapters! We all want great stories in our lives but no pain on the way there. Lord while we are here, help us to live lives that would glorify you and terrify the enemy.
Ps 112:7-8 – he will have no fear of bad news – his heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord. It's not that bad news will never come – it's just that the person trusting in God won't be living in fear and anxiety of it coming.

Beth has a bracelet which says ‘the Lords’ – it was old and broken, but the Lord fixed it. and told her ‘you know Beth, I can do anything. If I do not do what you ask and fix what you ask – is it because I couldn’t or because I’m not faithful? No, I can do anything in a second flat! If I allowed something to happen in your life, mustn’t I have known that your life would have greater purpose and potential with you having experienced that thing?

Make a list of “what ifs” that worry you – what if xx happened? what if my husband stopped loving me? Well, truly I’d be very upset and hurt both with him and with God and then I guess that I’d minister out of the common experience of rejection.
When it comes down to it – the enemy can’t win because come what may – I will minister! and when I take what the enemy has dealt me and turn it around and use it to minister, then the enemy will be sorry because it will turn on him every time and God will gain the glory for using what he meant for evil instead for good.

Not just – I trust you not to let this happen, but I trust You to take care of me no matter what happens. With every reality of that statement our heavy heart lightens a little more until we realize the enemy has nothing on us because I will trust my God and my heart can leap and dance. As long as you trust Him, there is so much He can do, let Him into the secret place where no one knows you are hurting.

Your homework from this session – is list out your boxes the different areas that make up your life– then answer next to each one – which ones do you trust God in – where are you steadfast; and which ones are you not trusting Him with (where does your mind ‘spew’ and where do you have anxiety?)

Trusting in the Lord part 2 of 3

Beth Moore Conference June 2006
Part 2
What is your "this thing" - what's in your box?

Session Two
Nothing is impossible for Him or escapes His gaze. When we praise Him and remember His attributes it puts our focus off our circumstances and back onto His greatness and the fact that He can do anything.
Ps 115:1-15
Trust God for the person that you are.
The ‘boxes’ you identified where you aren’t trusting God? Take the lid off of that box. You are valuable, (not because of what anyone else thinks), but because God says you are valuable! Trust with your head (faith) but also with your heart – this is what will bring healing to your heart and your feelings.

We want to quit being hurt by ‘this thing’. We can’t make sure things that wound us will change, but we can change our responses…. so that the wound can become a scar which He has healed.

v1 we are not called to blind trust, but to and trust someone Who has been and is faithful to you.
v9-11 when we don’t engage in the active trust in God, we lose the sense of the strength from His active help and shield. Our distrust only serves to reaffirm that we distrust. when we disengage and don’t sense His active help, then it seems to us as if He didn’t help, it only re-affirms the distrust. Distrust gives way to more distrust. v9 – He is my ‘help’ (so much more than a human helper) and my shield. When we trust Him, He will enable our spirit by His being. Can He do/fix/solve ‘this thing’ with out you? Yes!
but if He did, you would miss out on seeing the power of the divine – when He enables us weak people to overcome ‘this thing’ through His strength. He wants you to know that you can trust in His power, you can do it, you can do all things thru Christ who strengthens you. Israel didn’t go into the promised land – was their unbelief in what God could do? No. They didn’t think God could use them in the process to go in and overcome the enemy. In Eph 3 it says that He will do abundantly above all that we ask or think – not just around us – but IN us, in a vessel.

When we distrust God in ‘that thing’, we drop our shield of faith from over that box, over that area. It becomes open game to the enemy. Our shield of faith is what shields us from the enemy’s darts. When I’m trust God with a box in my life, there is a shield of faith over it to protect it from the enemy. When I disengage my trust, I’ve lost the sense of my help and shield. Your house will be transformed by trust. It begins with you. what would happen if you began to give God ‘that thing’ and trusted Him with it?
We all have historical reasons not to trust – every one of us. when someone lies to us or lets us down, if a protector becomes an abuser, or maybe you’ve experienced rejection, or been cheated on, or perhaps a lack of relationship entirely has caused your mistrust. God let them understand, He’s not just a big version of those who have hurt us. He is God, spotless and faithful, always true, trustworthy and loving.

(side note on wounds from a friend)
Ps41:9 – even my close friend hurts me
ps 55:12-14 – my close friend
Pvb 27:6 – wounds from a friend can be trusted – wear this only if the shoe fits ladies. there may be someone who feels betrayed by a friend who wounded you, but they did it in faithfulness. maybe they didn’t say it right but their motive was pure. You may need to forgive someone for wounding you as a friend. )

There is no place we’ve been as deeply hurt as the root of our distrust; distrust is the result of a wound. Under your box of distrust is a wound that needs healing. Don’t just let the enemy keep throwing it at you. Identify it before God and call upon Him to heal you of distrusting Him with ‘this thing’.

Here are several statements about trust, do any of them apply to you? Answer them true or false as your read them….
A. Deep down inside, I don’t trust anybody

B. I tend to trust anybody & everyone ( you are always shocked when let down)

C. There’s only one person on this earth that I trust

D. I don’t trust God in my ‘this thing’ box

E. The only one I trust at all is God

F. I usually trust God in most things

A –Sooner or later everyone will betray you – this is from the enemy. This person moves from being suspicious to cynical. They don’t trust anyone; it is a cold world and they have a cold heart.

B. If this is you; you are probably a bit gullible and get hurt over and over again. Sometimes we believe people that aren’t believable. Philippians does caution us to not love blindly and that we need to have discernment; scripture does point out that there are some people who are not trustworthy.

C. If you put all your trust in one person, you are creating a false savior or a formula for co-dependency. Be careful of someone who takes such extreme good care of you, that we can’t take care of our selves. If there is only one person you trust, the enemy will try and get that person to let you down

D. If we don’t trust God, we are trusting in ourselves. Jer 48:7 – trust in our deeds and riches – what we do and have
Duet 28:52 – walls in which you have trusted fall down. Building a fortress with high walls around your heart. you can either tear it down yourself or it can fall down.

E. If I only trust in God – Ps115 – trust – Hebrew- batah – to attach oneself. What is your biggest attachment in life that you find security in? The Word tells us to find our security in God alone. But in scripture, there are also people who can be trusted. It would be far fetched to say we completely trust God and yet do not trust anyone on the earth. We will be blessed in relationships when we just trust people to be people (no one is perfect) so when you see the imperfection in someone, don’t disconnect – but maintain fellowship. Often the older we get, the less we trust and the fewer relationships we have. 1 in 4 people have no one to discuss problems with and this means fewer people to turn to in time of need. One reason for this trend is working longer hours and a longer daily commute, yet tv and computer use are up. We might have many relationships as thin as a dime yet we are lonesome. We need to forgive some people for messing up and not being God.

F. I trust God in most things.
His Mercies are waiting on me and they are new every morning.
I Cor 13 – Love always trusts
Jn 14:1 – Trust in God. trust also in me. start with 2. well you may not trust this person, do you trust Me that even if you get hurt there I’ll make something good of it? Do not let your heart be troubled (anxious) but instead Trust in God,… in addition in Me Trust. It begins and ends with the word trust. You can trust people to be people (imperfect) and you can trust God to be God (perfect)

Trusting in the Lord Part 3 of 3

Beth Moore Conference June 2006
Part 3
What is your "this thing" - what's in your box?

Session Three
Our trust with God cannot be based on what we don’t want to have happen. 95% of what we fear never happens but even if the 5% happens we can still trust Him with it. We are washed whiter than snow Ps51.

What impact this would have if we put this on in Christ! For the Kansas City conference, Beth talked on fear and she said it was life-changing. Whatever He’s called you to do, is on the other side of that fear. Fear is best friends with distrust.

Commit yourself to live as trusting in God. Trust in the Lord with all your heart.
Ps115 – A work that begins in you of trusting God today can have a huge effect on your household. Unhealthy patterns are not the only things which can be a contagious; you can break negative cycles in your household; positive patterns and putting your trust in God can be multiplied throughout those in your household
ps115:12 the blessing - He remembers us and will bless us – He has been thinking about you – You never leave His thoughts.
Ps 139 His thoughts of you are more numerous than the grains of sand! His is very mindful of you. He’s come to bless your house – Trust Him. He wants to make you strong and mighty! He longs to bless you
v14 – spiritual lineage – we have a spiritual lineage – it is to your Father’s glory that you leave behind a harvest. we may have physical children; if not you have an opportunity to raise up people in the faith.
II Tim 1 there is no place we’ve been more deeply hurt than the root of your distrust. This area in which you are most tempted to mistrust God is the very area He has chosen to most trust you. If He’s allowed something painful in your life it is because He’s entrusted you with it. He entrusted us with spiritual gifts and sufferings also have been entrusted to us – it is not that He didn’t know, but He knew that you had it in you to over come it, that is the only reason God allowed painful things to happen in your life. If what you hope doesn’t happen, does happen, He’s trusting you that you have it in you to overcome it. Life is a whole lot more about purpose than it is about pleasure. Our purpose is to bring Him glory. What if He in His sovereignty said in the power of Christ I know you can do it and have the power within you. I’ll bring a harvest from within you when by trusting in Me, you do it. Maybe God thought a lot of you, when in His permissive will, he allowed ___ to happen. It makes the enemy sorry he ever brought this into your life when we refuse to stay knocked down by such a thing and get back up and stay up! Don’t let the enemy use something that happened (or didn’t happen the way we would have liked) to keep you down! Get up! Trust in God in that area!
If we don’t get back up, then there is no greater purpose gained – all that pain for nothing. Get up and go back to live among the living!

Psalms 27:13 says I will 'see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living' :)

But often we just want to keep laying down after we are knocked down and ask others to lay down with us and share our misery. Inhale Christ, get up, and return to the land of the living; that is when it turns back upon the enemy and he will be sorry he ever brought this into your life.
II Tim 1:12 – that’s why I’m suffering as I am. yet I’m not ashamed because I know whom I have believed, and am convinced that He is able to guard what I have entrusted to Him for that day. He takes notice of what concerns you. ‘Guard’ = to keep watch of things/people kept in safety; to be on one’s guard. We can trust Him because His mind is on us and everything that concerns us 24x7. He’s never going to forget what concerns and scares you. tell Him you are sick of worrying about ‘this thing’. Let Him guard this trust and He’ll never forget it- He’s God. He’ll bind it on his forehead and on His heart Duet 6:6-8.

To live this out – trust daily ps143:8 – Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in You.
You get up each day and ask Him – whatever temptation I have today to fret about ‘this thing’, You love me with faithfulness. show me your way and help me to walk in it and Trust you with ‘this thing’. No matter what happens today, I know you will be here for me. Your love is faithful and unfailing.
ps 37:3 Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture– our part it is to do the right thing when tempted – you trust God and make the right decision in your trust walk with God; He will be faithful to you.

Is 25:9 – we trusted in Him and He saved us.

remember – at the end of our lives, we’ll never say, I shouldn’t have worshipped as much or I shouldn’t have talked with God about as many personal things or I shouldn’t have prayed as much, dig in to your life in Christ! – trust Him to be bigger, broader and deeper than you have yet known Him to be.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Believe Me Now

I thought this was one of the most powerful songs on Steven Curtis Chapman's 'All Things New' cd. Honestly, I could not believe it did not receive more radio airplay. I have not thought of it for a while but a few times this week it kept coming to mind that I should listen to it again. I listened to a several times while driving yesterday and it never ceases to be a song annointed of the Lord for me when I hear it. Then tonight on the way home I heard it actually playing on a radio station, which is very rare. I just felt like it was not a coincidence. Like the Lord was really wanting me to take it in. Maybe it is also for someone else out too... so here are the lyrics:

I watch you looking out
Across the raging water
So sure your only hope
lies on the other side

You hear the enemy
That's closing in around you

And I know
That you don't have the strength to fight
But do you
Have the faith to stand...and...

Believe Me now
Believe Me here
Remember all the times I've told you loud and clear
I am WITH you, and I am FOR you
So believe Me now
Believe Me now

I am the One who waved My hand
and split the ocean
I am the One who spoke the words
And raised the dead

And I've loved you long before
I set the world in motion

I know all the fears you're feeling now
But do you remember who I am?
Do you ...

So Believe Me now
Believe it's true
I never have, I never will abandon you
And the God that I have always been
I will forever be
So believe Me now

I am the God Who never wastes a single hurt
that you endure
My words are true
and all My promises are sure
So believe Me now
Oh.. believe Me now

if you dont know the song you might want to pop over to his site ( and listen to it, its a very powerful song and at times just what I'm need to hear... :)

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Rocky Mountain Natl Park - part 5

this one is a bit blurry but it is a red fox...

A sweet older couple enjoying Alberta falls

it's either Chip or Dale :) I think chipmunks are so cute

some wildflowers near a stream...

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Rocky Mountain Natl Park pics - part 4

Along Sprague Lake trail.....

path through the pines....
This tree & rock were cool. They made me think of my Pastor's recent series on the Names of God - the one on the Lord our Rock.... the way the tree looks as if it is both resting on & supported by the Rock .....
a coyote....
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Rocky Mountain Natl Park pics- part 3

a sunset....

Copeland Falls.....

Sprague Lake....
a meadow....
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Getting to Estes Park

I just returned from a week in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado and it was a blast! One cool blessing was how my camera broke the day before I was to leave and the Lord lead me to someone who could fix it that afternoon! The next cool and unexpected blessing came the next morning as I learned my 9 am flight to Dallas had just been delayed 4 hours till 1 pm. Hmm.. and that was just the getting to Dallas part ....that could put a kink in meeting up with my friend in Denver that first day; she'd have to wait for several hours.... But you know, God is just too good to me. The next thing I knew, the ticket agent said, well, there is one seat left on a flight thru Chicago that would get you into Denver just one hour later…would you like me to try and get that seat for you? Sounded great to me, let’s go for it! After several minutes of typing away the travel agent says, OK I got it for you; by the way, I just know this will break your heart but that one seat that was left, is in first class-hee :) Alrighty then! Ok I’ve been upgraded for one reason or another to first class before but apparently in retrospect they were all really short flights. This was a longer flight… and has anyone seen that Sienfeld episode where Jerry is in first class and Elaine is in coach? Well let’s just say it reminded me a lot of that. I’m like Lord, this is very nice, You are just way too good to me. Met up with my friend just fine and headed on up to Estes Park.

On the way there, we met the most tall, dark, and handsome cowboy! He was somethin’ else:

LOL – ok, who in the world would put this thing in their yard? :) okey dokey.

Then we saw this other cowboy fly fishing on the way to Estes Park, he was a little shorter:

Then we found the Inn we were staying at – I’ve booked places in the past that looked good on the internet before and had them turn out to be kinda crumy; but this place was truely very cool and only a few $ more than a normal room at the Holiday Inn and it had so much more space. The living room, kitchen, one bedroom and the balcony faced Deer Mountain in RMNP. It also had a full kitchen & grill so we were able save $ and eat healthier than if we had eaten out all the time. It was not in the commercial area, it was just one mile from the north entrance to RMNP so it was really quiet and peaceful. I would definitely go back there again. Here are some pics from the Inn:

I'll post more pics from the trip in a separate post....

GMA in the Rockies

GMA in the Rockies started up during the last few days we were in Estes Park, so we were able to see a few of the concerts which was like icing on the cake! Sunday night it was a great night of worship with Chris Tomlin Band, Louie Giglio & David Crowder Band. Posted by Picasa

Chris played first and his worship songs included Forever, Your Grace Is Enough, Holy Is the Lord, Indescribable (guitar version), How Great Is Our God, Shout to the Lord (Hillsong), and Brenton Brown’s Everlasting God – before they played it Chris read Isaiah 40:28-31. I could be wrong but it seemed like maybe Jesse and Daniel were doing more background vocals than I’d noticed in the past; they were good. In the middle Chris was talking with the GMA registrants to stay encouraged about what God has called them to. He mentioned some of his first song critiques he’d sent into GMA many years ago and some of the advice he’d received back - things like…. ‘Chris, songs usually have verses…and choruses… maybe a bridge..... and a nice melody is always a good thing...’… he was very funny :) He encouraged them to remain faithful in what God had called them to. At the end he was playing some worshipful music on the piano which was very nice as well.

Then Louie came out and spoke, he too encouraged the GMA participants that the week was not about whether they won a prize or not, but that they worship God and live their lives for Him. He was kidding around in the beginning, talking about all the different kinds of worship music and the debates over what kind of music we all want. In one part he was referring to what was big when he was at youth camp and he asked the question, what was the biggest song you sang back at camp or youth group? Come on… what was it…. Everyone in the room said “Pass It On” So then we all had fun singing that but I don’t know if anyone remembered all the words (It only takes a spark, to get a fire going…) Then it took me a minute to figure out what he was quoting next because he was speaking the words instead of singing them but it was Larry Norman’s “I wish we’d all been ready” which was also some nostalgic fun. (two men walking up a hill, one disappeared and one's left standing still, I wish we'd all been ready.....) I forgot a pen and paper to take notes (so this is highly paraphrased) but I think the passage he referred to was Hebrews 13:15-16 “Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise – the fruit of lips that confess his name. And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.” He spoke about placing our whole lives in the palm of God’s hand and saying ‘God, here is what I have to give you, everything I am, all the rest is up to You – where I live, what I do, who I’m with, it’s all in Your hands and I just want whatever You’d have; this too is a large part of our worship; worshipping with our lives. He also emphasized that the different components of our daily lives need to parallel the words of our worship; this is pleasing to God. At the end of his talk Chris came out with his guitar and joined Louie to lead everyone in 'I’m Coming Back to the Heart of Worship'.

After the break it was time for Crowder. I’d never seen him before so I was not sure what to expect but I really enjoyed them, DCB was great! They were full of energy and funny and joyful. I don’t know all of his songs but he I think his set included Here is Our King, You are my Joy, There is No One Like You, We Win, O Praise Him, and Undignified (which I think is the song when I could not quit laughing long enough to whistle when he wanted us to). Ok so with all that great live music from Chris and David, what song did I wake up the next morning with in my head? ….. oh yeah, you know it... Pass It On! Ha! It’s been stuck in my head all week this week. My friend who went said the same thing too. Lol. I wonder how many other people that were there have had that song in there head all week too :)

Ok so Estes Park / Rocky Mountain Natl Park is like I think the most beautiful place I’ve seen but I kind of forgot about the altitude thing. Like major dehydration/cottonmouth and don’t walk too fast uphill or you could be dizzy; that oxygen thing is a trip. But man it was beautiful. I kind of wondered if the singers felt an altitude difference when they were performing, like if they felt the need to breathe more deeply when singing. If they did, you couldn’t tell, they all did a great job. Monday night was more of a concert atmosphere and we saw 6 different artists, they included Danny Ortega (he and another guy were having an absolute blast playing guitar and were very fun to watch). Then It was Kim Hill. She did a great job and seemed very sweet, they said she has a new CD coming out soon, I want to check it out. Then it was the Isaacs – to be honest, they were not really my kind of music – kind of bluegrass/gospel/country but I have to say they were really exceptional musicians and they received several standing ovations. Then it was Geoff Moore and he sang a lot of songs which sounded very familiar. He seemed very joyful, I think I had a freind who used to know him. At one point he talked about the importance of collaboration and Steven Curtis Chapman came out and did a duet of Listen to our Hearts with Geoff. That was a nice surprise! :) Then the Afters came on – ok I guess my head’s been in the sand on this one. I had no clue who they were but I did know several of their songs and they were really good and a ton of fun! I had to buy their cd. To finish up it was Bebo Norman, he seemed to have a very sweet spirit and ended the night on a worshipful note. I think he might have a new one coming out soon to check out. Anyway, if you are going on vacation and thinking of the mountains... I'd highly recommend going during GMA week for a little icing on your cake! :) Thanks to GMA and all the artists who were there, it was a blast; very inspiring and worship filled! :)

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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Dayspring Ecards

Hey Bloggers & Blogettes- there are a new line of Dayspring Cards that feature songs from Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Rebecca St James and more... just click on the pic below to see them

when you want to send the very best! :)
The Indescribable card features Chris's song and pics from Louie's Indescribable talk on the universe and the stars :)
Matt Redman's card features Blessed Be Your Name
Steven Curtis Chapman's card features Let Us Pray
Rebecca St James' card features the song Here I am to Worship
Nicole Nordeman's card features the song Legacy
Starfield's card features the song Cry in my Heart
Also, here is a link to a David Crowder band ecard featuring clips from B Collision: