Kimmer: June 2008

Monday, June 16, 2008

My brother is going to be 50?

Ok so I must have been working too much lately because making this was entirely too much fun! ;)
my Dad told me yesterday that they are having a surprise party for my brother's 50th birthday party this friday...(I like cant believe he's going to be 50... 40 maybe but not 50?) anyway so i had to quick think of a present and he is hard to buy for because he only likes something handmade or inexpensive or that he can share; none of us know why but he's kind of odd about gifts... anyway I thought of a great one! he has a yellow race car and I went to toys are us and found a white one about 8 inches even has a little driver in it with the single cockpit so tonight i painted it yellow and painted his name and a 50 on it.....and then the crowning touch- some flower stickers.... which is an inside joke my Dad and brothers will laugh at ... when i was little my dad collected (still does) corvette stuff and one of his little models which actually had monetary value... my brothers had a flower decal one time and talked me into putting it on there and said Dad would like it and to show it to him when he got home. well Dad did not like it. ;) but he still has that car (I did not get in trouble because he knew the way my brothers were snickering they had put me up to it and besides where else would i get a decal?) anyway i have lots of little flower stickers to put allll over this car. hehehe ok maybe ya had to be there but I predict it will give 3 people a good laugh. hey and the car has some kind of remote control. what will they think of next? ;)
wish i could be there to see him open it

Monday, June 09, 2008

The Power of Prayer

II Chronicles 20:1-22
Jehoshaphat sought God but he wasn’t perfect, he did something un-wise and aligned himself with Ahab, who was a wicked king and went to battle with him.
II Chron 19:1-2 some kings upon hearing a rebuke like this would have the prophet who delivered the message killed, but Jehoshaphat sought God, repented, and did many good things. He had made some mistakes, but he was serious about walking with God, which is the foundation of a good prayer life….

1. The time to develop a walk with God and a prayer life – is now.
Notice in II Chron 20:1 – Jehoshaphat was faithful to God… yet he still had problems in life…. And because of his relationship with God, God helped him. Dont wait until you have problems, develop your walk with God now.

2. Problems are a part of life and sometimes there is no way to avoid them.
At least if you are walking with God, you know He is with you during problems. The enemy will try to drive a wedge between you and God during times of trouble…. Yet the Word tells us that many are the afflictions of the righteous-but the Lord delivers them. Some problems are beyond your ability to solve – and that’s OK—if it weren’t for that we wouldn’t be able to see what God can do! A miracle starts with a problem. If you have a problem – it’s because God wants to work a miracle in your life. v.3 – go to God right away when you encounter a problem – Jesus said some things are only solved by prayer and fasting.

3. If you stay close to God… when trouble comes, you won’t have to go very far for help.

4. When praying, don’t just focus on the facts of the crisis, focus on the truth about God.
V5-6 O Lord are You not God in heaven – He’s putting his emotions about the situation in check and instead focusing on how great God is. There are times in the natural it looks so difficult but Jehoshaphat is reminding himself of the truth about God – that nothing is too hard for God. We need to follow this example when we encounter problems … put our emotions in check and pray aloud – that God is the creator of the heavens and that this problem is not too big for Him and ask Him for His help. V 7-8 Jehoshaphat reminds God of times in the past when He has helped his people v9-10 – God likes to hear us remind Him of what He’s said He’d do. V.11-12 God if You don’t help us we cannot know what to do – even though Jehoshaphat had a mighty army at his disposal, he was confessing his dependence on God and that His eyes were on God. Don’t just look at the facts- that can lead to discouragement – look instead to God.

5. Listen for God’s voice before you leave the place of prayer.
Lay your burdens out before Him and then wait before Him and listen instead of getting up and walking away. He may want to speak to you right then. And also remember that He can speak to you at other times, through other people or through dreams, or when you least expect it. V.13 – they waited on God.

6. When you pray and ask for His help, God will take on your problems as His own.
v.14-15 the battle (problem) is not yours- it’s Gods. He’ll take our problems if we’ll give it to Him. Then we must leave it with Him and let it go (don’t pick it right back up).

7. After you have prayed and God has spoken to your heart, believe Him.
V.20 – believe and you will be established and secure.

8. Praise God BEFORE He solves the problem, wtih the confidence that He is with you
–this has everything to do with releasing His power in your life. If He says He’ll take care of something – praise Him that He has taken care of it. He takes joy in our exercising the faith to believe Him V21-22 His steadfast love endures forever. Instead of strategizing their war moves with the army – they praised God and before they ever arrived to meet the enemy – they Lord killed the enemy… the place became called a Valley of Blessing for them. When you really enter into praising Him before the problem is over, He will take the battle for you. Your problem could be leading the way to a Valley of Blessing in your life as well.
(from a sermon of Pastor John Lindell)