Kimmer: Maggie...part 2 :)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Maggie...part 2 :)

Well it's time for an update on the puppy I brought home. I decided to call her Maggie; I took her to the vet when they had an opening the next Monday; the vet said she is part golden retriever and something else; two people said Samoyed and from looking at pics I think they are right. So yes she is going to be really big... I thought about keeping her anyway...but oddly enough, I seem to be allergic to her. My allergies were in high gear around her and whenever she'd want to play and snuggle, I was also having skin rashes all over my arms and neck from her nuzzling me. I love dogs and I've never had that happen before, so that was weird. I wanted to keep her, but couldnt find a peace about it. When i prayed about it, I felt like God wanted me to try and find a good home for her. So I put up posters at work and at several vets and dog groomers. Last week I heard from a lot of people and one of the people who seemed most interested and like a good fit was a friend from work I've know 10+ years. I know she is very sweet; she wanted the puppy for her 16 year old daughter who wanted her. And she has some other kids who have a black lab and it sounds like they are very good at working with dogs and training them. They also have a few older dogs. Another plus is that they live on 60+ acres in the country so the dogs have lots of room to explore... so she'd have kids to play with and dogs to play with and lots of room. All things considered, it just seemed like an answer to prayer; I'd been praying for a good family for her. So my friend and her daugter Keli came and met Maggie yesterday and took her home... Maggie loves to meet new people and was crazy about the little girl! The house is rather quiet today, but I am at peace knowing it is a good fit and that she'll have much more company between the kids and the other dogs. She's a very sweet and smart dog. so I only had her 16 days, but you would not believe how much she changed during that time! I really wouldnt have realized it, except from comparing the pics I was taking of her.
Here are some slideshow pics:


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