Kimmer: Baby Luke

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Baby Luke

Baby Luke (my nephew) at three weeks old
what a little cutie!

My brother's family sharing in Luke's baby dedication service :)


At 6/04/2006 8:41 PM, Blogger Sunny said...

Sweet baby! He's a doll, Aunt Kim!!

At 6/04/2006 8:46 PM, Blogger gail said...

What a cute little boy. May God bless him and prosper him.

Love Gail

At 6/06/2006 10:15 PM, Blogger Kimmer said...

thanks blogettes! :)

lil p - I've always liked the sound of the name Joshua too...
Luke was soooo tiny! I had to zoom into the pic like a zillion times to get it that big. I most likely wont be able to see him again till fall or Christmas but I'll post an update when I do ...

At 6/08/2006 11:08 PM, Blogger eliz said...


cute! and the name is fab! is it not fun to be an aunty?? I am of 5 of my sis`s 2 girls and 3 boys and what ever else they produce hee! they want lots of kids.

thanks for your prayers, fast and speedy is what I would like and real softening of hearts . so thanks and will keep ya posted!

At 6/10/2006 1:45 PM, Blogger eliz said...

hey there hope ya are having a great weekend and prayer are with you and the mission friends.


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