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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Memories of Casey

I had to put my dog Casey to sleep last week.
It was so hard... she was 15 and I knew her health was declining for the past year...I thought I was kind of prepared... but when it came right down to it, I guess I really wasn't. But there really wasnt any other choice given the circumstances. There are things I don't want to forget about her... She was very smart, she had a great sense of humor and she was very ornery....
-- I love how she wanted to play a game of bark every night when got home (and always had to have the last bark!.... even if I'd wait a few minutes and bark a soft one, she'd bark right back ;)
-- I loved to play hide and seek with her. sometimes I'd hide behind the door or the bed - she loved it if you jumped out and scared her! she'd bark and wag her tail and chase you around the house :)
--I still find it a mystery how she knew if a tear fell from my eye. How can a dog in the other part of the house know these things? Do they smell the salt in tears? Is there some noise silent to the human ear that is heard when a silent tear rolls down the cheek? and yet if a tear fell from my eye, suddenly there she would be snuggling up to me. I never understood how she knew, but it was very sweet.
-- I thought it was hilarious the way she delighted in taking her paw and knocking over the statue on my deck of a little boy holding a bunny. She'd always do it, wait until I looked and then bark and run as if to say-- "haha-- I can take on that statue!" ;)
-- I loved taking her outside at night in the summer, and sitting on the driveway... feeling the warmth of the concrete and looking up at the stars, while she wandered or sat contentedly nearby.
-- I didn't know it until now, but I even liked the noise her little toenails made as she walked in the kitchen.
-- I loved how if I left the room for over a minute she'd come looking for me, just to see what I was doing.

-- I loved petting the fluffy fur on her back and when she wanted a hug
-- I loved how after I'd come home or after she ate dinner, she'd do her 'happy dance' by rolling over on her back and wiggling all her feet in the air (those were usually the only times she'd do that)
-- I loved how if I played 'peek a boo' with her from across the room she'd come tearing around the table or the couch and jump on me with her tail wagging!
-- she was so smart - can you believe she figured out how to open a pedistal trash can by watching people use it and then actaully mastered the art of opening it herself by jumping with all her weight and hitting the pedal with her front feet? I couldnt figure out how she was getting in that trash can until I heard a bunch of racket one night and caught her in the act one time! boy did she ever have the --oopps --hand caught in the cookie jar look on her face. oh my gosh it was too funny ;)

-- I loved how many lessons God taught me with her. They were right on target and usually funny, and much to long to go into here.
She wasn't always perfectly behaved, but she was great little friend, a kindred spirit, and a blessing. I will miss her greatly but I am thankful to God for letting me care for her for so many years. Often if she was doing something cute or sleeping I'd find myself praying, "Lord.... don't You just love her?" ...and I know He smiled... and I know He said yes...

Thank you for Casey Lord~


At 5/10/2007 7:06 AM, Blogger gail said...

Beautiful, Kimmer. What a gorgeous puppy!!!She was adorable.Thanks for sharing your memories and your heart.
Love Blue

At 5/10/2007 10:30 PM, Blogger Sunny said...

awww kimmer she was beautiful.

i think you need another puppy . . .

At 5/11/2007 7:35 AM, Blogger FanofGOD said...

Oh Kimmer thank you for the pictures!! She was so beautiful what a cute little dog! Thank you for sharing this...

At 5/11/2007 8:05 AM, Blogger Silke said...


xoxoxo. She was so cute and loveable; I wish I could have known her, too.


At 5/20/2007 9:28 PM, Blogger Kimmer said...

Thanks for your kind words, blogettes~


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