Kimmer: ice storm....1

Sunday, January 14, 2007

ice storm....1

Here are some pics from the ice storm this weekend to hit OK & MO hard. My power came back on again tonight :) and I am thankful to report a toasty 75 degrees currently although the lights are flickering occasionally. From the news reports there are still well over 100,000 in surrounding area without power, so lots of prayer for everyone.... All area hotels are full but Branson has lots of hotels with power available.... but then again Branson has tons of hotels and they didn't get the ice which is really good because it is really hilly. The third round of ice has come and gone! yay! they say the problem now will be trees and power lines continuing to fall and may cause more power outages as the winds are supposed to pick up starting tomorrow and lows of 5 degrees one night and zero another. For now, we are very thankful and warm :)

This is the tree in my backyard that crashed down about 9 Friday night. I'm so thankful it broke away from the power lines; dont know if you can tell but it kind of seems like most of it is on the ground

This is the other tree in backyard... it is bending clear to the ground and so far has not broken, I hope it stays alive. I am very thankful both of these trees were far enough away they didnt come down on the house. I know people who had trees come down on their house or car
these are just some pics from driving down the street... these trees remind me of what trees look like when a tornado comes through...this is the local pre-school


At 1/15/2007 12:18 AM, Blogger Sunny said...

oh my gosh, kimmer -- those are some frozen trees. I was talking to my cousin in Austin and she said, they're in for the same thing there. It's on its way, supposed to cripple the whole city. I'm glad your power is back on!!

p.s. I made a typo! I had to fix it. Queen's English, you know. heeee!!

At 1/15/2007 12:39 PM, Blogger Kimmer said...

Hey Sunny, I hope they don't get this stuff too... time for spring :)

At 1/17/2007 6:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW!!! That is scary! Glad you are all right!!

At 2/04/2007 3:09 PM, Blogger God's girl said...

Serious ice i would say...

At 7/02/2007 9:02 AM, Blogger Maki said...

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